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Enjoy your wealth more by spending less.

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For the majority of minimalists, the purpose of reducing clutter is to have a freer mind. Fewer items mean fewer things to worry about, which leaves more time to focus on what’s important in life. Pursuing interests and finding happiness are paramount to the minimalist lifestyle.

An encouraging, often unexpected consequence of minimalism is a sudden, positive change in personal financial status. Minimalism may very well be the way out someone in financial turmoil is looking for.

Frivolous purchases are no longer interesting.

A key part of minimalism is curating your belongings. …

It’s never truly enough.

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I’m not someone who can comment on this… yet, so I’m going to let celebs and other successful people take this post and what I learn from researching them and listening and reading what they say.

Almost everywhere in the world, more specifically in the western world. Hone in on the importance or a focus on millionaires and gaining millions of Pounds/Dollars. I want to challenge that in this article.

It’s never enough

For the average person, this is usually something like a phone. The new iPhone comes out every year, and you need to upgrade. For a millionaire…

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I know how it feels; you get an overflow of quotes throughout the day, I share and receive my fair share of them, but with so many quotes been told to us every day, these are the ones I have felt strong enough to want to write them down.

Here are some quotes that you might want to write down or that might influence you.

“more involved less impressed.”
— Mathew McConaughey

I got published in a big publication on medium back in October last year, just before my birthday. I heard from many writers it took them forever to hit that first barrier. I got there within a month.

I got more impressed and less…

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When I started to try it all becomes easier.

I was 17 years old. Nervous as you could be. I just got done watching a youtube video on inflation. I was really losing money keeping my savings in a savings account? I needed to invest.

What does a 17-year-old know about money? I sure couldn’t hire a pro. I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to invest or to take control… wait. What did I just tell myself?

I realised wasn’t ‘good enough’ was the excuse everybody uses. Everybody

I have heard my friends countless times say, I’m no good at that and…

Many people advocate for low fees, me being one of them, but they're not the end-all and be-all of investing.

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Many people who write about finance will tell you to get as low fees as you possibly can. Over the long term, there is an insurmountable difference between 0.5% and 1%; as small as that percentage sounds, that could be the difference between being a millionaire in your 50’s and being a millionaire in your ’80s.

Take this quick math as an example.

Rose and Ross both have 10,000 to invest.

Rose pays 1% in fees and gets a 5% return. Giving her £21,911 after 20 years.

Life, experience and knowledge is so much more important

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I talk a lot about money, investing and my experience with money, etc. While this is all good and something I enjoy, I don’t talk enough about more important things than money.

There was a time in my past I focused on money. Not for a long period of time, but it was a focus. This is what I have learnt since then.

What do you have when the day is done?

Yes, having a million saved in the bank is good. I am on course for achieving that, but what is it you did? …

Why asking for pay rises or looking for another job is important.

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Gone are the days of spending 50 years or your whole working life at a company, retiring with a decent-sized pension with the girl of your dreams and annoying but loving kids… maybe not the last part for most people but let me explain.

I read, in an article recently, this man had spent 50 years at a company. In his 50th year, he was rewarded with his own parking spot closer to work (i.e. so he could get to work quicker) and a £5 cake from the local Tesco. …

How it can make you feel like a millionaire (without the Lambo).

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I have been saying this word a lot recently. I have missed out on some good and some bad situations. I have lost and gained friends and lost and gained time, but my respect and view for the word no has changed drastically.

There is a lot of power in that word. A lot more power than the word yes. Weter it is a deal, a relationship, or just in general. No, as silly as it sounds, can change your life.

“You can’t negotiate with someone unless you are willing to say ‘go to hell’.” …

Inflation gets talked about a lot in the financial world, but what does it actually mean?

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The definition google gives you is;

A general increase in prices and a fall in the purchasing value of money.

I’ll try breaking this down into an example. My Mum was able to go into a shop with 3 pence (the Irish version of the £ & $ back in the day) and buy a chocolate bar, a drink… a full lunch. While, if you were to go into a store now with £2, you’d only be able to buy, maybe, a drink. You wouldn’t have enough for a meal deal.

Ask your parents how much they used to pay for their snacks in their corner stores and compare it to what you can…


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