Enjoy your wealth more by spending less.

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For the majority of minimalists, the purpose of reducing clutter is to have a freer mind. Fewer items mean fewer things to worry about, which leaves more time to focus on what’s important in life. Pursuing interests and finding happiness are paramount to the minimalist lifestyle.

An encouraging, often unexpected…

Why the average person never comes close. Someone has to tell you the truth.

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More than five million people became millionaires during the global pandemic, research shows. The United States alone added 2,251,000 new millionaires from 2019 to 2020. Just over 8% of Americans are millionaires.

Today, there are around 56 million millionaires in the world.

More and more people are gaining that elusive…

How Squid Game is a perfect example of how our mindsets should change when looking at current events.

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The impact

The squid game has had a strange and unique impact that no person saw coming.

Squid game is Netflix's most viewed film, exceeding 111 million viewers globally. The series will reportedly generate Netflix nearly $900 million in impact value for the company. Overall its has had an enormous impact. Which…


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